Anyone For Me? by Fiona Cassidy

I highly enjoyed newcomer Fiona Cassidy’s debut novel, Anyone for Seconds? and gladly accepted her offer to review her sophomore novel. With Seconds, the story focused on Frankie and her tumultuous life of children and romance, with her best friend Ruby being her biggest supporter along the way. In Anyone for Me? Ruby is the heroine, and the story focuses on her journey of searching for her birth mother. Ruby was adopted at a young age, and becomes insistent on knowing her birth story and why her mother gave her up, even when her adoptive mother tries to derail her plans. On top of her mad search, Ruby must keep up on her wedding plans with Luke, deal with a cancer scare with Frankie, and try to stop a greedy group of hotel managers from scaring her mother out of her picturesque cottage.

As I was first reading Anyone for Me? and getting to know Ruby on a more persona level, I really didn’t like her. She was loud and rude and brash and I felt embarrassed many times during the first few chapters for the way she acted in public. I was worried that I wasn’t going to have many nice things to say about her and the novel, but as time went on, you could see a change in Ruby and her personality. I started to warm up to her character more, and really became invested in her search for her birth mother. Cassidy has great comedic writing, and some of the supporting cast she thought up (in particular the wedding planner Gabriel) were laugh out loud hysterical. I was a bit disappointed at the end though. Most of the book is made up of Ruby searching for her birth mother, and I didn’t feel the ending really justified the mystery. I won’t say why so I don’t give away the ending, but I’m hoping maybe a third novel will be in the works giving a better explantation and closure to Ruby’s journey. But that being said, I still enjoyed this witty Irish novel, and would recommend it to chick lit fans.

Rating: 3.5/5

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