#BookReview: Holly(Woods) by Naomi Laeuchli

hollywoodsHolly(Woods) by Naomi Laeuchli sounded interesting enough to give a read. The synopsis was brief but was still able to pull me in, lured by the world of celebrities and what might happen behind the scenes. Holly is our main character, but we do get insight from several others along the way. At first I had a little trouble connecting to the story. I didn’t really understand Holly’s motivation for moving to Hollywood, as someone who did not have a strong passion for acting or really any celebrity shenanigans in the past. It also seemed incredibly easy for her to simply move to LA and find immediate work as an actress, then a regular, on a popular show. But, if I were to look past that, the sub plot points were interesting and that’s what kept me in this one. The ending of the book in particular really started getting good, and I was a little surprised to see it end on such a cliff hanger.

Overall, I had a good time reading Holly(Woods) but certain areas that I specified above could have been fleshed out a little more for a smoother read. It was entertaining enough that I stuck with the book, and because of the ending I might pick up book two to see if we get the big mystery inside solved. If you enjoyed Holllywood-Lit this might be a fun one for you to pick up. It is also fairly light-hearted considering a murder plot point is a big part of the storyline. Interesting, but not a favorite for me.

3.5 stars

Reviewed for Reader’s Favorite

#BookReview: Once in a Lifetime by Kathryn R Biel

once in a lifetimeI have read from Kathryn R Biel in the past, and her books have always been such fun to read. I was so intrigued by the premise of Once In a Lifetime – a former girl group reuniting for a reunion concert. Um, yes please! The Sassy Cats is made up of Callie, Angie, Tabitha, Mandy and Daphne, and ten years after their breakup, each women has changed – and not all for the better. Readers get an insight to each character, their life currently, and how they decided to live post stardom. The women are not necessarily close after putting away their microphones, but all agree – if somewhat hesitantly – to do the reunion show. And that’s when things start to unravel.

Once in a Lifetime read pretty quickly, not only because of the fast moving storyline, but because it was simply fun to read. I did enjoy getting to know each of the characters, though some were more likeable than the others, and the build up to the end was rising with each chapter. Because there are five main characters and each one needed to tell their story, I found myself wanting just a little bit more from each one, or a little more back story explained throughout, but I understand having that many characters with fun stories means shortening up here and there. Still a very solid and fun chick lit book, that kept me invested throughout the story. Kathryn R Biel is a talented writer that I would recommend for chick lit fans.

4 stars

Reviewed for Reader’s Favorite

#BookReview: The Boyfriend Swap by Meredith Schorr

the boyfriend swapAbout the Book

If you love Christmas movies, as in you check the Hallmark Channel guide starting in July, then hang on to your stockings, because here comes the merriest of indulgences in print. It’s “The Proposal” meets “The Holiday”.

First meet Robyn Lane. She’s always dated struggling creative types, including her current squeeze (Perry, an actor). For this year’s Chrismukkah celebration, her parents would love her to bring someone stable, reliable, steadily employed. You know, with health insurance and a 401(k).

Now let’s meet Sidney Bellows. Her parents already plan her professional life (she’s an attorney at her father’s law firm). If she brings her current boyfriend (Will, an attorney) to the family Christmas extravaganza, her parents will have their wedding planned by New Year’s Eve.

Leave it to a mutual friend (and copious amounts of wine) to find a playful solution: Swap those boyfriends, fool the parents, and enjoy the holidays. It’s perfect! Robyn can show off a successful attorney boyfriend, and Sidney’s high-society family won’t ring those wedding bells when they meet a flaky actor beau.

The fun isn’t in the theory, it’s in the practice.

Will turns out to be the boy-next-door Robyn crushed on hard throughout her teenage years. Sidney’s family fawns all over Perry like he’s an Oscar-winner rather than a D-list wannabe.

Fool the parents? Enjoy the holidays? Swapping boyfriends never sounded so good or went so bad. Take time to read this one. It’s like Christmas in July.

My Review

Meredith Schorr is one of my favorite chick lit authors, and I was excited to see what The Boyfriend Swap had in store for me. That answer is a lot of laughs, a fast moving story line, and a terrifically fun ending. Even though the main plot point might be a bit of stretch – you know, boyfriend swapping – it still read very relatable and I give major props to the author for that. Each character was interesting to get to know, even the supporting cast, and if you haven’t read anything from Meredith Schorr, I highly suggest you do!

5 stars