Beach Body Challenge with Annie McDonnell – A Year of Transformation

My New Numbers are inspiring!!! (Week 11)

IMG_9612I have learned that weight is not the only important number for me to monitor. Inches are also very important.

My Physical Therapist told me that muscle weighs more than fat. I knew that, but somehow I forgot. They told me that they can feel my muscles and the increasing strength….So, I went home to see when the last time was that I measured my inches ~

I forgot that I measured myself on September 7, 2015….the Day my Transformation kicked-off! I was so excited!! I was going to measure myself again.

I am loving my new workouts at Physical Therapy. I am very sore, but the kind that lets me know I am working out properly. My muscles are finally speaking to me instead of my joints! This is amazing! I am going again today, and I am so excited! I am going every other day, and doing the exercises at home on my IMG_7719days off there.

                         I just took my new measurements and I am blown away!!!

Chest ~ +1 Inch
Right Arm ~ -2 Inches
Left Arm ~ – 2 Inches
Waist ~ Same
Hips ~ – TEN INCHES!!! (No wonder my pants are fitting me again!)
Left Thigh ~ -2 Inches
Right Thigh ~ -3 Inches



I am still eating well, and thankful that I love eggs. They make it easier to keep my diet in check. I am also eating a lot of tuna, spinach and kale. I find that I am more successful when I just repeat what I eat.

I am still doing the Beach Body programs in addition to the work out given to me by my Physical Therapist, because the “Slim in 6” is gentle.

Next week is Thanksgiving….Oh, My!

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