Beach Body Challenge with Annie McDonnell – A Year of Transformation


IMG_5440I lost 7.8 pounds since I began my Year of Transformation. 

I am doing better than I thought I would, which makes me so happy.  It is about the SWEAT! and, I am sweating a lot!!!

I know that my changes have to be more than just the food I eat…it is total lifestyle changes…from exercise, to managing stress, and taking better care of my physical health.  Since I have so many illnesses that force me to rest more than I would like, or have such pain and fatigue I cannot do much, I used to feel hindered.  I am learning that is ok.  I had a couple of rough days this week, so I walked and did Yoga instead of CIZE. (but I hate missing CIZE, it is my most favorite workout, ever!)  I decided to stick with the Bruno Mars song, as I really wanted to nail down the dance.  It was harder than last week’s routine.  This coming Monday I will move on to the next one.  It is fun to really feel like you are a Superstar Dancer!

I have to lose 90 Pounds.  82.2 pounds TO GO!!  My initial weight loss goal was 10 pounds, so I will be celebrating soon, I am sure.  What should I do to celebrate??  I think I will do something fun…I am sure I have at least a week or two to think of something.

I went on a Yoga Retreat this past weekend, and it was very empowering. I learned a lot about myself, and came home with a totally IMG_5626new attitude.  I am no longer going to be so hard on myself about my body image, as I will not be the perfect weight for many months.  In the meantime, I still need to love myself.  It is depressing to think so negatively all of the time.  But, I am going to make more time for yoga, prayer and meditating. Even journaling. I am not going to just change my diet, and add exercise to my days…I am completely changing my lifestyle.  My college roommate/sorority sister came with me…and we met a group of amazing women.  I am now really working on ME! And, I love it! I deserve this!! and, we all need a group of positive people around us…I am blessed to have that!

Ok, I had to rest for a day because I had to get a shot in my Hip, due to the RA…but, I just made sure that I stretched my upper body out a bit. I have had to learn to modify my thinking, as I cannot commit to the same exact workout each day, etc.  My body cries with different needs each day, and my health comes first. I never know how I will feel when I wake up. That is what makes things tricky. While I know that losing weight is going to be the best thing for me…I also know that if I overdo it, I will be back using a cane, walker or even that wheelchair again.  That is not my future. I am smarter now.

I am still getting my butt in gear!  My Beach Body Coach, Christine Olson, suggested I read the book PUSH by Chalene Johnson.  I am really enjoying all that I am learning.  There is not a ONE-SIZE fits all diet and exercise program for everyone.  We are all individuals, with different ways to get to the same goal.  I love how Chalene Johnson is teaching me this.  She really has me really seeing things differently!  My changes are happening one day at a time…one habit per day.  Like one more glass of water each day.  I should be drinking 136 ounces of water per day…I am still working up to that amount, but each day, I am adding a few extra ounces.  I realize that I cannot change everything at once…or I will fail.  It is all a work in progress.

IMG_5430FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! My new habits, are eating a great breakfast and drinking water each day. I am not perfect, but, I am making changes that are going to make a difference in my life forever. Eating breakfast each day is a huge change, as I used to skip it.  I have two poached or boiled eggs, veggies (I have been using kale, spinach, tomatoes and peppers this week) and quinoa bread.  It really gets my day started in a positive way with a nicely fueled body.  I really feel the difference!!  It is amazing! I never thought to have veggies for breakfast, until I started with Beach Body!  Their advice is marvelous, and nothing is crazy hard!  I am eating so many veggies, so many different ways.  I am LOVING my new good choices.  I am in love with Quinoa, who knew?? So is my husband. This lifestyle change is not as hard as I thought it would be.  My Fall into Fitness Group is helping me so much!  Accountability is key!  I am learning a lot of new recipes from my Fall into Fitness Group.  I actually look forward to learning new ways to cook vegetables.  I am having mashed Cauliflower this week, and cauliflower and veggies patties.

I Repeat, I will not give up this time!  I am happy with the woman I see in the mirror, because I know I am doing all I can to become the woman I want to be.  I want to enjoy the journey!  Thanks to the women I met this weekend, the Beach Body group, my friends and family, I am inspired!!  I need all of the inspiration I can get, and inspiration is abundant! I sit here in sincere gratitude.

My Rhythm.CIZE. The End of Exercise”.  This week’s dance is about a one hour work-out, from learning the steps, and then rocking them out to Bruno Mars.  I am having so much fun! It was fun doing it the days I was able to. Those days are gifts to me. Makes me so HAPPY!cize1

I am perfect just the way I am…I am just becoming a better me, and I like her.  That is this week’s Reward!

Please join me next week, when I will fill you in on the new CIZE routine I learned, tell you about my new Scale (it is awesome)!!!  Hopefully, I will be announcing more weight loss, too!



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  1. September 24, 2015 / 11:50 am

    You GO GIRL!!!

  2. September 24, 2015 / 12:54 pm

    You are so inspiring! I need to look into the book you mentioned. And I so agree with changing our attitudes to love ourselves exactly as we are right now – because don’t we all respond better to love than criticism??

    I feel reinvigorated about tackling my own eating and exercise habits, just from reading about you! Keep going!

  3. September 29, 2015 / 9:41 am

    Hooray for you. You are so beautiful inside now you will be just as beautiful outside. This is a GREAT goal and I know you can do it. Each dan do one nice thins for yourself. Use a few drops of perfume, wear your favorite blouse even if it isn’t a special occasion, Paint your nails, be good to yourself. Watch a TV show that only you like, listen to your favorite song. And start every day by thinking of how great you are right now and how much greater you will be. You are smart and strong…YOU CAN DO THIS!

  4. June
    September 29, 2015 / 10:44 am

    Annie keep up the great work! Remember one day at a time and continue to love yourself. I strongly believe loving ourselves inside and out makes all the difference. Finding a group of woman like you did on your yoga retreat can life changing. Meeting up with my Soul Sisters for a week changed my life in so many ways.

  5. Annie McDonnell
    September 30, 2015 / 4:02 pm

    Thank you Laurie, Bette, Margaret and June!! You guys are the best for taking the time to leave these lovely notes…I am saving them!! I will take your advice, too!! My new post is going live tomorrow. I would love to hear what you think after you see my challenges…
    We are not alone!!! I am here to Cheer you guys on too…like you, Margaret and June..WE GOT THIS!! One day at a time!

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