Beach Body Challenge with Annie McDonnell – A Year of Transformation


IMG_5472I lost 8.8 pounds since I began my Year of Transformation (on Sept. 7th, 2015). I maintained my weight this week. No changes.

Sometimes you just don’t lose weight, and that is ok! BUT, my Body Fat has decreased (YEAH!!), and my Muscle Mass has increased (DOUBLE YEAH!) this week.  So, there are changes happening.  Great Changes! I am moving forward nicely, and proud of myself.  Eating healthy and exercise are the two main keys to success.  I learned that if something is not working, you have to take the time to modify.

My exercises of choice this week were Walking, Yoga, and I even went on our stationary bike. Every day I am making sure I do 30 minutes of something, even if I am breaking it up.  Two days I had to break them in to two 15 minute increments.  I would like to expand on the duration this week. So, that is one of this week’s goals!

I will be walking Simon on a regular basis.  I know that will make him so happy! Loving my new Asics!!!New Crosstrainers

Keep On Keeping On! I am going to begin working out at the Physical Therapists gym. This is so that I can be monitored and be sure I am doing exercises that will not only help me lose weight, but be gentle on my joints.

This year of transformation is all about finding what I can do to lose weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It does not happen overnight. This is such a huge learning process. And, the plan of attack changes quite a bit.

I meet with the Therapist this week to get a full 5-day evaluation. I am looking forward to this.  This will be a very informative journey. The goal is to help me with Balance, Flexibility, Pain Management and Weight Loss. I am excited to have their knowledge at my fingertips.

I am sure I will learn a lot along the way, and I will gladly share it with you.

It is a 6 month program! And, I AM ALL IN! I am also still doing the Beach Body on Demand, until I can get back to CIZE!  They offer so many exercise programs there, it is a feast for any person that wants to work out!

One thing I cannot live without ~

Rockin’ Wellness is the Shake for Me! I have tried most out there, and this is definitely the perfect Shake for my needs. I enjoy my RW Shake once or twice a day. It is made from the Earth’s Top Super Foods (Goji, Cacao, Hemp Seed, Brown Rice Protein, Maca Root, Chia, Flaxseed, Lecithin, Green Tea, Yerba Mate Leaf, and, Vegan Probiotics) This shake gives me energy, and I know that I feel better when I am drinking it on a regular basis. I have been mixing it with Almond Milk the past few weeks, and sometimes I add berries to it..or greens. Depends on my mood.

Recipe:  PB&J SHAKE ~ One Scoop of RW, 8 oz. of Almond Milk, 1 tbsp. of Almond Butter and 6 seedless grapes.  Mix with ice in your blender.

For information on RW or to order, please visit:

IMG_5429FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!  I am still eating cleaner and healthier. Breakfast has been two eggs, quinoa bread toast and mixed greens and veggies on the side.  Packs a great energy punch!  For lunch I have my RW Shake.  Dinner has been a variety of things, but I stick with great portions and lots of greens! I have been eating a lot of tomatoes, since they are in season.

I am struggling with the munchies in the evening, and I am just not buying the Ice Cream, etc.  Every day is one step closer to beating that battle. I may not win every day, but I am definitely improving by making wiser food choices. Like instead of munching on chips, I grab carrots, cucumbers or have a few olives or pickles. I was having Hummus as a snack…but, it got boring.  At least the other snacks have CRUNCH!

How yummy does this breakfast look! and, it is easy-peasy!

Please join me next week, where I hope I will be announcing a 10 pound loss!

This Weeks Total Tally:

Beginning Weight: 271

Present Weight: 262.2

Body Fat: 58.6% (Down 1.8%)

Total Body Water: 20.0 (WAY TOO LOW, no changes)

Muscle Mass: 28.5% (WAY TOO LOW, but went up .6%)

3.6 lbs. of Bone Mass (need to research this, no changes)





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  1. October 12, 2015 / 10:14 am

    Way to go, Annie! We are all going to benefit from this awesome challenge you are undertaking! I’m going to check out the Rockin’ Wellness site now. Onward! 🙂

  2. Annie McDonnell
    October 14, 2015 / 7:07 am

    HI Patricia,
    Thank you for your support…Oh, you will love Rockin’ Wellness…Let me know if you try it..ONWARD! I am stealing that word for tomorrows blog…
    I am posting your reviews everywhere this morning for Promises to Keep.

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