Beach Body Challenge with Annie McDonnell – A Year of Transformation


I am on vacation this week, so I don’t have my scale with me. I am sure I have gained some weight. I began my Year of Transformation on Sept. 7th, 2015, so Week 7 is a “blip” in my year. As I write this, I am disappointed. It is so hard to be totally honest. I wish I could say that I maintained my healthy eating habits and exercise regimen here. But, I have not.

Hard to eat right when around others. I am having a hard time eating well, when going out to eat, and being away from a “home base”.  We are leaving the mountains today to head back to my best friend’s house, where I plan to eat better. I went shopping and got all of the healthy foods I need. I am not leaving Virginia until next Wednesday, so I need to get back in the game.

I am disappointed in myself, but I don’t want to dwell.

I brought my laptop to have my Beach Body OnDemand, so I could at least do some yoga…and, light exercises….but, I have not done any. I have not exercised, and boy, can I feel it!!!!

WOW! It is so hard being honest! I like that I have to be honest, because this is all about accountability. Being honest with myself is the most important thing.

One thing I cannot live without ~

I bought everything to have my healthy breakfast, and I can totally feel the difference in not eating it. We went shopping when I first got to Virginia, so I bought spinach, eggs, tomatoes, tuna, etc. I have my Rockin’ Wellness….but, I have not been good about cooking on my own. I had Rockin’ Wellness yesterday and tuna…so, I am getting there. It is harder to not eat what everyone else is eating. But, I realize, they don’t have the weight issue, I DO.

FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! I still believe this. I just need to pump it up this week. Writing this Blog is amazing, because it brings everything to light…and, I really have a good feel for how I am truly doing. It is hard to believe a week has passed since my last entry. I need to improve this week, as I don’t want to disappoint myself.

Please join me next week, where I’ll tell you how I am doing on the rest of my vacation! We are leaving Massanutten and heading back to her house in the Tidewater area of Virginia. (Picture above) I have one more week here, and I plan to eat well and exercise each day. I brought my workout clothing. I need to get them on every morning.


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  1. October 23, 2015 / 4:27 pm

    One thing you run into often are blockers. “Have some more.” “You’re on vacation. Live a little!” You need to block the blockers :). Moderate. Plan ahead as best you can. You may surprise yourself.

  2. Annie McDonnell
    October 27, 2015 / 1:58 pm

    GREAT ADVICE!! You are awesome!
    I am learning this, Tracy….I am eating better this week…still on vacation. I am looking forward to weighing in when I get home.

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