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Contributor: Samantha

bhbridesmaidSome of you may know I recently started a fun new endeavor with my best girlfriend. We started our Instagram page The Cheeky Chicks a few months ago, and we’ve been having a blast so far having an outlet for a few of our favorite things: mainly, fitness and beauty. It’s been a lot of fun trying out new makeup looks, finding new companies and trying out their products, and then getting to talk about it. Since fitness and beauty is a big part of the “Plus” of Chick Lit Plus, I want to make sure I’m not abandoning that piece while I branch out. So even though I might be repeating myself between CLP and The Cheeky Chicks, I want to make sure this is included 🙂 I hope you’ll come follow us, and maybe you can find something new that you love too!

To start, I’m going to talk about a company in general, but a few of their products in specific. I started hearing a lot of BH Cosmetics once we started the Instagram page, and I was initially drawn to them because they are known for being more affordable. Just starting out and not being highly skilled in beauty myself (my cheeky friend is a makeup artist) I didn’t want to start throwing hundreds of dollars at high-end companies. I started small – first, I ordered my first real brush set. Before owning this set, I had a blush brush, a powder brush and probably two random eye shadow brushes. I didn’t do fun makeup because I didn’t know how, and I also kept my look very simple and very much the same, unless Holly was doing it for me 😉 Getting these brushes were a big step in starting to learn how to do makeup on my own. I have the 12 piece set, and it was a great starter. Since then I have purchased a few individual brushes to top off my collection, but this was great for a beginner. I use almost every brush in the set when I’m doing full makeup, and I highly recommend.

bhredI also purchased two eye palettes from them, the 60 color Day & Night and the Party Girl Palette. I probably didn’t need both, the colors are pretty similar in them. I don’t find myself reaching for these palettes often, and I typically grab the 60 day more because I’ll be looking for a unique color. I don’t think they are very pigmented, which means the colors aren’t vibrant and I have to either pack a lot on or use some sort of liquid on my brush first in order for the color to really show on my eyes. They do now have baked palettes which I’m interested in trying, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because I didn’t love these first two palettes.

I also ordered a palette for the face, the contour and blush palette. I ordered this once I was feeling more confident and had a better idea of what contouring your face even meant, and I love this palette for it. It has six colors – I use the two blushes almost every time and I like to mix them together, and the contour shade is amazing. I play around using the other three lighter shades as a setting power, but the blush and contour are what makes this palette for me. And the colors are large – I don’t think I’ll ever have to replace this palette, even though it’s a go-to for me. I’m extremely happy with this purchase.

So there you have it! I thought BH Cosmetics was easy to order from, their prices are so great, and they are really fun to follow on Instagram. I’ll leave some pictures throughout this post of photos where I used their products. In all three I’ve used the contour and blush palette, and the look with the red and white eyes I used the Day & Night for my shadows and though you can’t see my eyes real well, the one where I’m in the blue shirt I used the Party Girl palette.

bhjulyAnd be sure to follow The Cheeky Chicks for more fitness, beauty and friendship fun!

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