#BeautyReview: Milani Cosmetics – EyeShadow and Blush

Reviewer: Samantha

I started to hear a lot about Milani Cosmetics probably a year ago, from either friends or online. The hardest part for me about buying Milani is it’s not easily available in my area. You can’t buy the brand at Ulta or Sephora, and my Walgreens doesn’t carry it either. The only place I could get it was Kmart, and the one nearest my house shut down a few months back. But, right before it did go out of business, I picked up two products from Milani. Now I can only order online, which kind of stinks, but maybe one day they’ll be in Ulta.

milaniFirst, I’ll say the brand is really affordable, and they have a wide range of products, like eye shadows, lipsticks, primers, liners, etc. So that’s all groovy. And I don’t hate online shopping, I just really wish they were carried at a bigger brand name store. But for my actual reviews, I have one eyeshadow and one blush to talk about.

For the eyeshadow, I actually went looking for the Bella line when I was shopping, and I guess they were too new for my Kmart to carry (or Kmart was going out of business and wasn’t buying new products…that’s probably it). Looking on Milani’s website, I don’t even see this eyeshadow listed (but it is on Amazon), which I’m not sad for you because I didn’t love it. It is called Girls Love Pink and is a really light pink with sparkle in it, but when I put it on my lids, it basically was just like putting glitter on there. None of the pink shade really came through, and the only way to get any color was to load up on product and use a liquid like Mac Fix + to help give it a boost. I wasn’t going to recommend that for you, but I’m still wanting to try out the Bella line, because I really good things about that. Anyone else tried one from that collection?

The second item I got was blush and YAS I love this blush! I got a color from the baked collection, called Dolce Pink. It’s a muted pink with some sparkle in it, and I really love it. I’ve been hearing that Luminoso is a must-have for your collection, and I have my eye on it! I think that will be my next purchase, along with a Bella eye shadow. I didn’t find the blush particularly long-wearing, but it’s such a pretty color. One to pop in your bag on a night out!

So those are my Milani reviews. Maybe next time I put in an order I’ll review ASAP in case things go out of stock again. Does anyone else have Milani products, or certain colors you recommend?

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