Beyonce Releasing First Fragrance

beyonceWant to smell like Beyonce? Well now you can. The mutli-talented celebrity is releasing her first fragrance, Beyonce Heat, to hit stores in February. How did she come up with the name? Her work. She says, “A lot of my performances have had fire involved, so we thought ‘Heat.’ Also, red is one of my favorite colors, as is gold.” She expresses how proud she is of her newest project and how hands on she was in the decision making processes. “Everything, from the bottle design to the name and the ideas for the commercials–that’s me. When I commit to something, I do it 100 percent.” reports the fragrance has top notes of red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and blush peach, will include eaux de parfum in three sizes, as well as a sparkling body lotion, priced between $39-$59.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Coty

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  1. Jazmyne
    January 16, 2010 / 3:08 pm

    I’m happy B E Y O N C E
    Is tryinq somethinq Different Thatsx qood she qettinq out of her BOX…
    Bhut me I think Its qoinq To be A biq profit,,From fans To all her haters,,,

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