Book Review: The Bump List by Miriam Brady and Amber Best

Reviewer: Terry

the bump listI was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

To start I have to say that seldom do I read a series and like every book in the series…there is often one I prefer over the others…I cannot claim that with this series as I am in love with all 3 so far!

Book one was Maddy’s story and 2 was Kinley’s. Book 3 was a combined story with just as many surprises as well as tears and strong emotions!

This one is the story of the two couples being ousted by a reporter that felt she needed to drag their very private and painful story out in the wide open and expose them much like pouring salt on an open wound. I was angry with the reporter when she showed private video’s taking shortly before Maddy’s family….  I actually wanted to shake her and make her see how utterly painful it would be for a mom to see those moments…not last moments but nearly on public television….The authors help me have such sympathy with these ladies, as well as Cal and Rory over the loss of their band members that I wanted to shelter them for all they went through.

I loved that Kinley and Maddy ended up pregnant together and even more of their fun quirky relationship comes out with that. I am madly in love with Kevin and I believe I have met him…no matter how much it is claimed that all characters in these stories are fictitious. 

I loved Annabelle! She is a refreshing character and seems to be very genuine, and fits in very well friendship wise with the Maddy and Kinley! I was heart broke over the friendship issues that surfaced in this book…although I do feel that I saw it coming in book 2. I think friendships sometimes run their course like this and while that is the way life is and it’s best to mourn it and move on it is never easy to see the other side of it and just simply learn and grow from it.

As for Maddy’s mother, I have no sympathy and applauded her keeping that nasty woman as far from the ones she loves as she can…

The authors did an amazing job with this book! I dreaded the end and I am now sitting on my hands nervous for how they will surprise me with the next book…I have no doubt of a next book as you just can’t leave me hanging like that ladies!

As always so much of what they write, I relate to…to the point where these books are an active topic of conversation with my very best friend, who has read and loved them just as much as I have. I love the relationship between Maddy and Kinley and believe that everyone should have a lifetime friend like Maddy and Kinley have.

5 stars

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