Book Review: Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews

save the date mary kay andrewsReviewer: Allie

Cara Kryzik is a newly divorced florist living in Savannah who’s trying to rebuild her life – and her business.  Being a Yankee, she’s had a tough time winning over the old guard of Savanah society, but her creative flair, hard work and charming personality finally start to win her customers and friends.  Cara meets Jack Finnerty, a Savannah native, at a wedding she’s working and sparks fly.  Things are looking good until a nemesis florist begins making trouble – and it goes way beyond professional jealousy.  Cara’s professional reputation is damaged after the theft of an antique family heirloom kicks off a domino effect of bad luck.  Her assistant turns on her, her dad calls in her loan and her relationship with Jack falls apart.  What’s Cara do?  She chases after a runaway bride who can save Cara’s business- if Cara can save the wedding.

I think most of my readers know that I’m a huge Mary Kay Andrews fan.  I love her books and yes, I can feel the eye rolls, but this one rocks.  Andrews paints a vivid picture of life in the south and I love her female characters.  They are cute (not perfect), quirky and a bit flawed, but always independent and true to themselves.  She also creates gorgeous southern gentlemen and a unique cast of supporting characters – these are all guarantees when you read an Andrews novel.  Although it’s a given that Cara will get her man, what I really love about Andrews story is the mystery that’s present and how it keeps the reader guessing.  Who’s out to destroy Cara?  Is it her father, her ex-husband or the competition (in business and in love)?  Why?  What’s up with the runaway bride?  And who took the heirloom?  You’re going to have to read to find out, but you’ll have fun!

5 Stars

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