Book Review: Slither by Melody Steiner

Reviewer: AndreaSlither Melody Steiner

I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

The summary:

Her revenge is better served cold-blooded.

Elanor of Onyx, enslaved by the dragons who scorched her kin and country, is determined to escape her island prison.

When the changeling dragon, Adom, demands that Elanor come with him to the mainland on a secret mission, she sees the opportunity she’s been waiting for—a chance to exact her revenge. But when his actions take a surprising twist, Elanor begins to suspect that maybe things are not as they seem.

With a plot brewing against the mainland king, alliances are tested and Elanor discovers a secret that will forever change the way she views the slithering dragons—and herself.

The Review:

I’m going to let my geek flag fly for a minute. I love dragons. Dragons are the coolest mythical creature in my opinion. I mean, they fly, they are practically impervious to injury, they have cool spikey things on their heads and backs, AND they breathe fire. Think a unicorn could stand up to that? If you love dragons, too, you must read this novel. You’ll get more dragons than you can keep up with and each with their own “abilities”!

The plot of Slither is complex and complicated. This isn’t a cheesy read. Elanor finds herself knee deep in a twisted mystery with plenty of deceit and secrets. Set against a land where ancient dragons coexist with humans, the novel is almost like an alternate history. The medieval world of Trana could easily be part of Great Britain. Though there are hints of romance, it’s not a romance, and it doesn’t have the full-immersion of high fantasy.

This novel would have been perfect for me if there had been more romance. I so wanted more of Adom or even the hunky King Siles, but Elanor’s feelings for Adom run from wanting to hurt him to hurting for him. I kept waiting for the sigh-worthy moment, but unfortunately, I didn’t get it. At times, I had difficulty keeping up with the secrets and who was playing who, but it all works out with a great surprise at the end.

4.5 Stars

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