#BookReview: A Royal Affair by Amy Saunders

a royal affairAbout the Book

As crown princess of Lorencia, Desi can handle other royals, dignitaries, and celebrities without batting an eyelash. But Astin Gold, the suave heir to a hotel empire? No amount of diplomatic training prepared her for him.

Or the whirlwind media scandal she’s about to ignite with him.

Rumors swirl, and the pressure is on to deflect the attention. But Desi’s feelings for Astin only blossom, despite allegations that he’s using her for his own gain. As she dares to date him under the radar, it becomes clear someone close to her is behind the scandal. And their secret won’t stay secret forever.

As tensions rise, Desi must decide if Astin deserves her trust. And, more important, her heart.

My Review

I do love reading about royals, so I was looking forward to A Royal Affair by Amy Saunders. Princess Desi was immediately quite likeable – she didn’t come across as a spoiled royal, and actually felt pretty relatable throughout the story. The romance angles were interesting and the scandal that she gets involved in kept my interest, though I will say I didn’t quite get as invested into the book that I do with others. It wasn’t what I would consider fast-paced and sometimes I didn’t feel that strong pull to pick up my Kindle, but once I would start reading I would stay for several chapters at a time. Overall I still enjoyed the story and would recommend if you like a light romance with a royal twist, it just wasn’t a favorite.

4 stars

amyAuthor Bio

Amy is a sci-fi/mystery addict with a soft spot for humor and romance. She lives in Massachusetts, and loves to bake and watch movies.



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