#BookReview: A White Picket Fence by Laura Branchflower

a white picket fenceAbout the Book

Lina and Phil Hunter have shared an uncanny psychic connection since they were teenagers and he saved her life, so when Lina’s mother cautions her to be on guard against a new love interest she sees in her astrological chart, it confirms what Lina already suspects, her mother is crazy. Sure her marriage has been under extra stress lately, dealing with a rebellious teenager, but Lina’s never even looked at another man, well besides her daughter’s psychiatrist, Dr. Drayton, but that’s more in awe.

When a betrayal shakes the foundation of her marriage, Lina begins confiding in the child psychiatrist, blurring the lines between whether she or her daughter is the patient. As a mutual attraction grows, Lina begins to question whether the boy she fell in love with twenty-five years earlier still exists.

Laura Branchflower is a compelling new voice in contemporary fiction with believable characters dealing with real life struggles.

A White Picket Fence is a family drama.

My Review

Right off the bat, I’ll just say this might be the best book of 2017 that I’ve read thus far. I felt so many emotions reading A White Picket Fence. I had discussions with my husband and friends about the characters and their decisions. I actually dreamt about this storyline, and I don’t often find my reading list in my dreams. I cried, I was horrified, I was frustrated, I was shocked . . . my emotions were all over the board in here. I honestly don’t feel like either Lina or Phil, or even all of the supporting cast, were all that likeable throughout the story, but they were real. They were flawed and complicated and fascinating to learn about. I sincerely hope you will read this book, if family dramas are a genre you prefer to read. I was beyond impressed with the writing, the organizational structure, and how the pieces fell together in the end.

5 stars

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