#BookReview: Another Summer by Sue Lilley

ReviewAnother Summer 8 8 16er:  Michelle

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Joe has lied to Evie too many times. Believing he doesn’t love her, she runs off to her grandmother’s remote cottage in Cornwall and falls under the spell of hot rock singer Jake, tempted by his promise of a new life in the sun.

But Joe is on a mission to win her back. Spurred into action to find her gone, he’s stranded on the road trip from hell, battling through the worst storms the UK has seen in years to get to the other end of the country. He’s desperate to convince Evie that he can change. But has he left it too late to save their marriage? Will Evie be swept off her feet by sexy Jake before Joe can even get there?


I was pleasantly surprised with this book and how well it sucked me in. Evie and Joe were married at a young age due to Evie getting pregnant at 16. They are completely opposites. When they were younger Joe was very forward, experienced and outgoing. Evie was quiet, inexperienced and naive. The book starts out when they are older and we find out Joe has resigned from his job because he was afraid his bosses would find out about his fling with one of his co-workers. Evie is coping with the loss of a baby and finds out about Joe on accident. She ends up heading to her Grandmother’s cottage to stay by herself and accidentally meets a rocker named Jake who wants to show her what she’s been missing.

Without giving too much away, I’d like to say I couldn’t stop reading this. The story goes back and forth between Joe and Evie past and present and the authoer does a great job. I couldn’t believe some of the things Joe said… he was the perfect depiction of a man who could cheat but couldn’t handle being cheated on. I enjoyed this book for what it was… a story about two people who were forced into adulthood too young.

I highly recommend this quick read. It will make you think. 4.5 stars.

 4.5 Stars.




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