#BookReview: Aylin by Ayse Kulin

AylinReviewer: Annie

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Aylin’s body was found in her garden, her hair immaculately styled as usual. Her death came as a shock—after all, who would have wanted someone so admired and talented dead? Who—among the many she’d helped, the few she’d hurt, and all those she’d left behind—might have been driven to murder?

In the course of Aylin’s life, she had been many things: a skinny little girl, a young woman blossoming into a beauty, a princess married to a controlling Libyan prince, a broke medical student determined to succeed. She’d been a seductress, a teacher, a renowned psychiatrist, and a Turkish immigrant remarkably at home as an officer in the US Army. Through it all, she’d loved, been in love, and pursued truth without surrender. Whatever role      she’d found herself in, she’d committed to it fully and lived it with her heart, mind, and soul.


Anyone could have killed Aylin. The story opens up with her cleaning lady finding her dead. The coroner marked her death “A Freak Accident”. To say the least….it was freaky.

Then Ayse Kulin takes us back in time to her Great-Great Grandfather, whom Aylin apparently took after. Then, we learn all about Aylin’s life. Aylin was a strong, smart, talented and accomplished woman. If there was something she wanted to accomplish, she went after it! I was in awe of all that she managed in her life.

When I began reading this book, I had to do some research about Aylin, as this book reads like a Biography. But, it was not a true story. Ayse Kulin wrote this so well….it was very hard to believe that Aylin did not exist. That was very impressive! Well-written, to say the least!

This book has also been translated from Turkish to English; so there are some errors in translation, but it does not ruin story.

I was truly fascinated by this book, and so glad that I read it.  You will delve deep into the life of a woman that you will find yourself wanting to learn more about.

Ayse Kulin is an excellent writer. I was impressed.

4 Stars.



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