#BookReview: Badric’s Island by Amanda Nicol

Reviewer: Michelle

I received a review copy

badric's islandSummary:

Rachel is an out of work actress with a ‘complicated’ love life, not as young as she once was and hoping for decent work. More often than not she ends up in adverts, which she hates, particularly the ones directed at women. But what can a girl do? There’s a dog to be fed apart from anything else… This is a great read – a funny and relevant satire on modern London life. Women of all ages will relate to Rachel and her attempts not to give in to media pressure and yet stay in the game – because we’re ‘worth it’.


Rachel’s love life is a mess. Her affair with a married man has just ended and she’s accidentally slept with her roommate. One would think that she would be done with them, but Rachel can’t seem to get away from the drama, even after Chef’s Wives, the show she stars in, is pushed to reruns.

I have to admit I was a little confused at the beginning of this book. The main character Rachel is all over the place. There were definitely some funny parts. I loved Rachel’s dog Badric. He seemed to keep her on her toes and grounded at the same time. There are a lot of characters that Rachel is close with so it can be hard to bounce back and forth between them. I thought it was funny that she was constantly recognized places that she went, although some people couldn’t figure out where they knew her from.

Rachael definitely was a strong woman who seemed lost in her decision of which way her life was going. You can can tell she still loves David. I didn’t quite get where the book was going at times… I feel like she would just go on and on inside her head and I would get confused. All in all, I did like the book and enjoyed some of the funnier moments.

3.5 stars

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