#BookReview: Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews

Reviewer: Allie

I received a review copy

Beach Town by Mary Kay AndrewsSummary:

Greer Hennessy is a location scout and manager for the movie industry, which is one of the coolest jobs I’ve ever read about. Greer’s had a rough go of it lately. She broke up with a cheating boyfriend and then lost her mother to cancer. Professionally, things aren’t much better. The last movie set she worked on was such a disaster that she quit, damaging her reputation. Her best friend CeeJay is dating the bigtime director Bruce Levy and she convinces him to hire Greer. Her first assignment – find the perfect beach town for the setting of his latest blockbuster.

Greer discovers a down-on-its-luck beach town located on a small island off the gulf coast of Florida. Cypress Key was once was a thriving little town when it had a paper mill, but those days are long gone. Things start to look up for the residents once the movie crew, a Hollywood starlet, and a popular musician arrive on the Island – along with tons of paparazzi. One resident however, Eb Thibodaux, is none to happy when he finds out Bruce plans to blow up a historical town landmark for the climactic ending of the film (with the support of the venue’s owner, of course). In order to save her job, Greer must take on the mayor, who happens to be Eb Thibadeaux. Did I mention that he’s attractive? The situation gets more complex when Greer’s long lost father shows up, and the movie’s lead actor has a dalliance with the mayor’s under age niece. Suddenly, the sleepy little beach town of Cypress Key is full of fireworks.




I adore Mary Kay Andrews and have read every one of her books. They’re fun, entertaining, and humorous. She’s a talented writer who knows how to build a suspenseful plot. Andrews also creates characters whom the reader can easily relate to – even when they work in the movie industry. To the best of my recollection, this is the first Andrews novel that isn’t set in “the south” (as a former twenty-year resident, I can assure you that Florida is not considered a traditional southern state – with possible exception of the panhandle). That’s the only aspect of the book that was off for me – it was missing the “zing” that southern characters have had in Andrews’ previous novels. I really missed the “bless her heart” tone that the author is exceptionally good at creating. Still, this book was a wild ride, and I loved it. I’m pretty sure I know where she based “Cypress Key,” and if I’m right, she was dead on with her descriptions of the area. I could visualize everything. Greer is a heroine with a heart of gold, whom deserves a happy ending. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading about life on a movie set and what it takes to get a movie made on location. Ladies, pack this one in your beach bag.

4.5 stars

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