#BookReview: Better Than Chocolate by J. Lynn Rowan

Reviewer:  Christy

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Better Than ChocolateSummary:

Three friends. A broken engagement. A surprise elopement. A big secret. A lot of chocolate.

Carmella Sannarelli is a people pleaser. She can’t say no to anyone, even when it means putting off her own personal goals in the process. So, when her best friend, Sadie Miller, calls with the announcement that she’s broken up with one fiancé and eloping with another in St. Croix, Carmella can’t stop herself from dropping everything and accepting the invitation to stand as maid of honor.

Jilted fiancé Ryan Wutkowski has been the third member of the Carmella-Sadie trio for nine years. He fully supports Sadie’s new engagement and upcoming nuptials, knowing it’s the right decision and best for both of them. But when he boards a plane to San Juan for a business conference, Carmella is the last person he expects to find occupying the seat next to his.

Two days in San Juan, then a week in St. Croix–Carmella knows her two best friends are hiding something. But can she figure out what went wrong between them as she battles her own tingly, off-kilter feelings toward Ryan, while dodging advances from a womanizing best man, and confirming for herself that Sadie did make the right decision? When Ryan unexpectedly shows up at the rehearsal dinner and gets himself invited to the wedding, will Carmella finally uncover the secret he’s held since the day they first met?


“Better Than Chocolate” makes it onto my Top 5 of 2015 books so far. Ms. Rowan grabbed my attention from the first page and kept it through the last page. I love books that make me want to stay up all night reading – and this one absolutely did!

Sadie Miller is use to getting all the attention when she enters a room. Beautiful and full of energy, she recently broke off her engagement to her long-time boyfriend, Ryan. Not missing a beat, Sadie takes off to St. Croix and in three short weeks, she’s engaged again – only this time, to a wealthy older man, Nelson Mattingly.

Carmella Sannarelli and Sadie have been friends since their freshman days at UGA. Although living in different cities now, they’ve always kept in touch, and Carmella is excited to be a part of the wedding of her two best friends. When Sadie calls to tell her to drop everything and come to St. Croix to be her Maid of Honor, Carmella is shocked to hear that the wedding isn’t Sadie and Ryan’s…her best friend is marrying a stranger she barely knows. Being the people pleaser she is, Carmella packs her bags and heads to the tropics, but she just can’t shake the feeling that something strange is going on. 

While on her flight to St. Croix, Carmella surprisingly finds herself seated right beside Ryan, who’s traveling for business. During their two day layover, Ryan is vague with her about his breakup with Sadie. All Carmella wants to know is “why?” but Ryan isn’t very forthcoming with answers. And why, all of a sudden, is Carmella feeling weird with Ryan? What’s so different now with him? They explore San Juan together and have a great time, but Carmella is even more confused when Ryan kisses her. Once she arrives in St. Croix, she has even more questions, especially when Ryan arrives to his ex-fiancée’s wedding unannounced – and uninvited. 

“Better Than Chocolate” is the story of friendship, love, and of loving friendships. On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d have to give this one a 6.

5 Stars



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