#BookReview: Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen (Or so Mother Says) buy Colette Kebell

Reviewer: Annie

Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen (Or so Mother Says) buy Colette KebellI received a review copy

Colette Kebell wrote a very entertaining story about how persistence in following your dreams can pay off…or not.  Can one person truly “have-it-all”?  Her main character, GiGi is an absolute Spit-Fire!  She is truly awesome!  This is a cross between, “Devil wears Prada” and “Bridget Jones’ Diary”.

GiGi loves anything and everything about fashion.  She cannot get enough of top name-brand clothing, shoes and accessories.  With her love of fashion, and seeing all the people in need of “fashion intervention”, she decides that opening a Fashion Consultant/Personal Shopper business would be both fun and lucrative for her.  She also believed that the people she helped would be happier with their appearance, which would also help their overall outlook on their lives.  Her excitement is SO contagious.  It actually jumps off of the page, making you read on and on and on, not wanting to put the book down.  I read the book so quickly, because it was written with such excitement and intrigue.

GiGi speaks with her best friend, Ritchie about her dream of being Fashion Consultant…and he jumps on board and they begin a Fashion Consultant business in a shed!! Yes, a shed.  With tenacity and seriously hard work, they find an office in London.  This is where the story takes off.  I don’t want to give much away, as that was truly part of the fun in reading this story.

There is a villain, there are lots of friends, there is love, and rivalry…..great fashion, food, conversation and a lot of just plain fun.

Her Mothers nagging is part of this story, but I don’t think it is anywhere near the epicenter of this story.  It did not have the same bite that I was expecting after reading the summary of this book, and the title.  But, it certainly did not change my feelings about this story.

This would be a great book to add to your weekend or beach reading days coming up.  I look forward to more of Colette Kebell’s stories.

4 Stars

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