#BookReview: Challenging Destiny by H.K. Abrahams

Reviewer: Michelle

challenging destinyI received a review copy


A woman, a man, two paths that meet.
A love story, some letters, an unsettling truth.
Will they be able to overcome what destiny will throw on their path?


Chloe has always dreamed of moving from France to New York City. After she finishes college she accepts a job at a publishing company there and feels like her lift couldn’t possibly be any better. Until she gets on the plane and is upgraded to First Class, seated next to a beautiful stranger named Adam.

One might think that this was love at first sight. The two hit it off and he offers her his business card. He lives in New York as well and seems very interested in seeing her again. Chloe however doesn’t realize that he may have tempted fate to get them there.

She finds the perfect apartment with a woman named Mel. The two become fast friends and Me

The two begin dating and Chloe can’t believe her luck. She loves her job and is falling in love with Adam. She finds the perfect apartment with a woman named Mel and the two become fast friends. When a series of letters start to show up at her apartment, things start to get weird and Chloe doesn’t know who to turn to. Adam and Mel don’t seem to be the people she thought they were…

I have been going back in forth between 3 and 4 stars for this story. It started of a little slow for me. In typical chick-lit fashion the main character seems to be living a great life and suddenly something changes their course. In this book I didn’t see the conflict coming at all but I also think it took a long time to reach that part, about halfway through. After that Chloe begins to realize what really happened and everything falls together again.

Someone who enjoys a well put together romantic love story would enjoy this quick read.

3.5 stars

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