#BookReview: Death by Roses by Vivian R. Probst

Reviewer: Terry

death by rosesI received a review copy

Do whatever it is you think you’ll do someday-right now. Don’t question it, and don’t reason it away, because in the end, it’s what you didn’t do that you could have that will haunt you, and what you did do that you wish you hadn’t that will break your heart.

Death By Roses is a story about love, death and how life carries on when someone you love dies; but with a twist. What happens when someone dies and they refuse to stop trying to take care of things for those they left behind? This is exactly what Mae Rose finds out when she inconveniently has a heart attack and dies before she is finished with all she feels she needs to do for her family. She ends up Vanished from heaven and sent back to Earth to share the body of Mary Lee a writer and movie director that was on her death bed with pancreatic cancer. Somehow they end up sharing the body and creating and Mae Rose writes an amazing story about her life with the help of Mary Lee.

Mae Rose and Mary Lee both entwined and sharing a body teach each other invaluable lessons about life and love, and in turn share this with the world through the movie created from Mae Rose’s story. In turn each of their family members are somehow affected by the movie and the story alike.

This is one of the most unique love stories I have ever read, it’s not a clean cut love mushy love story, but a real story about the messy parts of love and how even when someone becomes completely unlovable real love lasts. Even through death and hurt real love survives. But also that with honesty and reflection one is capable of finding peace and happiness.

4.5 stars

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