#BookReview: Down the Aisle With Bridezilla by Carli Palmer

Reviewer: Annie

I received a review copy

Down the aisle with BridezillaSummary:

In the golden land of Malibu the sun is hot, the ocean breeze is crisp, and the brides are deranged! Dealing with four demanding clients, Megan Waters thought her job as a wedding planner would involve romance and eternal bliss. Instead her profession has been causing drama, outrageousness, and has made Megan reach for the aspirin bottle in her top drawer more than once.
Along with her business partner Sasha, Megan runs Happily Ever After – a company that helps brides create the most amazing weddings that their gold card toting selves could dream up and pay for. With a small but devoted staff Megan runs into contact with everything from poison ivy covered bridesmaids to exploding wedding cakes.
At this rate Megan is going to need a tranquilizer shot…


I totally just devoured this book!!  It was funny, it was entertaining, and it was a perfect summer read.  I had such a great time getting to know Megan Waters.  She was awesome!  I’d love more from Carli Palmer!!

Megan Waters is a Wedding Planner, and it was crazy how certain things just went wrong before, during or after the wedding planning!!….How crazy the Brides would become was something you wanted to slap them for, but honestly I could not help but laugh.   Megan’s solace was her aspirin bottle, coffee and wine.

Whether the invitations were ruined, or the centerpieces were wrong, or the cake is not perfect, or the bride did not lose the weight she was supposed to….Megan was the woman to fix it for you.

Her partner Sasha says that she needs to build more of a backbone so that these brides do not walk all over her, because she literally is their “beck-and-call” girl…even for things out of scope for the wedding.  But, that is quite an endearing quality for her to have.

Her best friend, Lucy is pretty awesome too!

She meets Brian in Las Vegas while at a Bridal Convention, and meets up with him again in Malibu, CA., where they both live.

I fell in love with Megan, her friends and Brian.  I disliked her Brides, but that is what made the story such an entertaining read!

The question is, does Megan get her happily-ever-after?

I foresee another story…..there is more to tell…I believe.

5 Stars

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  1. July 10, 2015 / 8:34 am

    Thanks Samantha and Annie for allowing my book on your website! I am thrilled that you enjoyed it Annie!

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