#BookReview: Forget You by Annabelle Costa

I received a review copy


Maggie McDaniels is about to get married to the man of her dreams. Until she faints right before walking down the aisle and wakes up in the hospital – three years after her wedding day, and with recollection of the past three years. Forget You by Annabelle Costa takes readers on Maggie’s journey of trying to claim her last three years of memories, why her marriage doesn’t seem like the fairytale she had thought it would be, and who the heck Riley, the strange man in the wheelchair who seems to know everything about her, really is.

This book had me from Chapter One. It was one of those reads where it was hard to put my Kindle down – I read while eating, brushing my teeth, walking up the stairs. It was fascinating to watch her try to struggle to get back into regular life after losing all her memories of the past three years. I loved trying to figure out the mystery that is Maggie’s life – what’s really going on with her marriage? Who exactly is Riley to her? And why did she seemingly let herself go after getting married? I loved this book so much that after I finished reading it, I found myself eagerly reaching for my Kindle to see what was in store next for Maggie, only to realize…the book was over. My mind and imagination was continuing to play out the story for me, making me think I still had more to read! One of my favorite books of the year, and one I highly recommend!

5 stars

Reviewed for Readers Favorite

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