#BookReview: Guarded by Angela Correll

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy


Former New York City flight attendant Annie Taylor is adjusting to farm life when her grandmother threatens to tear down the old stone house, unable to finance a restoration after the summer fire.
Annie’s boyfriend Jake has severed his corporate life in Cincinnati and is jumping headlong into sustainable farming on the land next door. Their new relationship is wonderful–but can it last? As they take steps forward, a paralyzing fear of abandonment threatens to destroy her trust in Jake.
As Annie works to save the old stone house she finds letters written during World War II that reveal a family mystery and an Italian connection. Her grandmother is hesitant to uncover the secret, afraid of what it might mean to her family’s name if the truth is laid bare.
Comments from a nosy neighbor solidify Annie’s fears about herself and when Beulah agrees for Annie to travel to Italy to search out the family mystery, Annie is happy for the time away to sort out all her feelings. In the meantime, Beulah is left with an unexpected Italian-Catholic houseguest who wreaks havoc with Beulah’s Baptist ways and country routine.
As the family mystery in Italy unfolds, Annie is forced to face her own past. She is ultimately faced with a choice: will she let history sabotage the future?


This cover caught my attention right away. The colors really stood out to me and then after reading the blurb and learning we would have the past mixed in with the present, I was sold. I love these types of books! The beginning started off a little slow for me, though I was interested in the events happening. I wasn’t super engaged yet …  but then the letters were found and things started to really pick up for me. There are secrets to be revealed and a heartbreaking love story that unfolds that had my heart hurting as I read. The trip to Italy was really amazing to read, especially how everything was able to come together. While it took a while to pick up speed, I was left happy and fulfilled at the end.

4 stars

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