#BookReview: How To Look Happy by Stacey Wiedower

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy

how to look happySummary:

From bestselling romantic comedy author Stacey Wiedower comes a story about finding love in the social media age…

Jen Dawson is an interior designer at the top of her game, with a job at the South’s hottest design firm and a fiancé who’s on the short list of the city’s most eligible catches. But her perfectly designed plans for her life fall apart when her prima donna boss screws her over and her fiancé dumps her on the same day.

What’s a self-respecting Southern girl to do? … is what she should have asked. Instead, she drowns her troubles in cocktails and then adds trouble of her own by “drunkbooking” a Facebook status that gets her in more hot water at work. As her ex reappears at all the wrong times, Jen’s flirtations heat up with all the wrong men—until she finds the one guy who makes her realize love just isn’t something she can plan. And when she vows to set her life back on track and stage a comeback, Jen uncovers shady business at her design firm that could take down the entire operation … and her, but only if she lets it.


OMG. This book is so much fun! Ah, drunkbooking. Love that term! I could 100% relate with Jen all the way through this book. In an age where social media pretty much dominates everything, sometimes all you can do is laugh at your mishaps…and then try to get better, which is exactly what Jen does. It was so interesting for me to read about her interior design business as well, as that is an area that I am sadly quite terrible at, but it made me feel for a little bit that maybe I knew I thing or two about the business! Tight writing, plenty of laugh out loud moments, and even a light-hearted mystery was tangled in here. My kind of book!

 5 stars

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