#BookReview: Investigating the Heart by Heidi Renee Mason

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy

investigating the heartSummary:

After the death of her husband in a plane crash, Emma McCoy, a single mom of three, has given up on love. When she meets Liam O’Reilly, an FBI agent who is new in town, the chemistry is immediate. Emma tries to keep her distance, but Liam is determined to win her over. As the two navigate their feelings, Emma’s resolve begins to crumble. What Emma doesn’t know is that Liam is connected to her past in a way that she could never have imagined, and this connection could put their future in jeopardy. In the small town of Beckland, Ohio, danger is the last thing that Emma expects. However, since Liam’s arrival, it seems like peril is waiting around every corner.


First, let me start by saying YAS! to this cover. How gorgeous is this! And it ties in with the story, as Emma owns a coffeshop, so it wasn’t just a random pretty latte on there 🙂 The book opened up with a fast-pace. We got a bit of the back story on Emma’s deceased husband, and then we fast-forward six years and start to understand her life. Sometimes I thought it was little too quick or certain subjects got skipped right over and maybe they weren’t totally necessary to the story. But then we have Liam enter, and a bit of mystery begins, which I typically enjoy. The book actually had some pretty suspenseful moments which I wasn’t totally expecting, and a sweet love story as well which I did anticipate. I found myself having a bit of disconnect here and there – again I think the pace was moving along too quick, sometimes the dialogue wasn’t totally realistic to me – but I enjoyed the ending and overall liked it. A love story with an extra oomph!

3.5 stars

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