#BookReview: Julia’s Star by Bonnie Phelps

Reviewer: Terry

julia's starI received a review copy


You chug along life’s highway, minding your own business, and all of a sudden – wham – something smacks you upside the head. For smart and sassy widow, Julia Marlowe, it was something as simple as a flat tire that landed her squarely in the path of swashbuckling film star, Jason MacKenzie, who slams into her life with the force of an 18-wheeler.

She doesn’t want to like the guy. The lifestyle he represents stands contrary to everything she believes in. He has that Hollywood ‘love-them-and-leave-them’ attitude written all over him – but despite her best intentions, he has a way of getting under her skin. Besides, her kids like him and so far he hasn’t flinched at tarantulas, errant goats, space aliens and the chaos an active household creates.

Then again, there is the little matter of his ex-wife, Barbara, who clings to Jason like plastic wrap on steroids. Further complicating the situation is the 200 mile distance between the places they call home. She has no desire to live in his world but can he possibly live the country life after the bright lights of the big city? Can she trust a man who only has to smile to make millions of women’s hearts go pitter-pat to give her the happily ever after ending she seeks?

Sit back and enjoy the fireworks in this smart, contemporary romance as Jason and Julia laugh, argue and circle each other as they try to figure out if this unlikely couple can make a go of it.


What girl wouldn’t want to have car problems in the front of the hottest film star home? Julia of course didn’t plan it and while star stuck by the handsome guy really wanted to escape back to her safe life on the farm with her large family. Jason the current most eligible bachelor was not going to just let her slip through his fingers as he was literally smitten on sight.

Julia still recovering from losing her husband in a tragic car accident just a few years previous just could see past the tabloid’s claim that he was a love them and leave them playboy kind of guy-and this is where the story begins! Jason is determined to figure out how to win Julia over and goes to some heart stopping lengths to show her.

Sadly the only thing Julia see’s is what he is doing wrong, he divorced his previous wife Bonnie, who seems strangely attached to him, he is caught on camera with several different women for social events and he is a movie star…all of the above black marks in Julia’s book.

This is such a fun romantic story that really shows you cannot judge a book by its cover. Jason and Julia’s story is a must read for all those romantic’s out there!

4 stars

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