#BookReview: Looking for Wonderland by Jane Ainslie

Reviewer: Christy

I received a review copy

looking for wonderlandSummary:

Welcome to the world of Alice.

At forty-four, she’s a nurse who is burnt to a crisp by her job, has a family which makes dysfunctional look normal, and thinks valium should be handed out like lollies.

Alice knows things have to change.

Calling on her two best friends for advice, they decide to try and find their purpose in life.

Alice hopes Pilates, yoga, and Oprah The DVD Box Set, may have some answers.

Or does Dr. Botha, the hospital’s Infectious Disease Consultant, hold the key to Alice’s future?

As things begin to look brighter, a life changing event sends Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, leaving her to wonder if she has missed her chances for happiness.

Will she ever find her Wonderland?


Looking For Wonderland was a cute, fast, funny read.
As a nurse myself, I had several laugh-out-loud moments as Alice found herself in nursing situations that every nurse has been in. She says things that we all think, even if we don’t actually say them out loud. This alone made this book worth the read, but it’s actually a good storyline and full of fun. In a relationship with a man who isn’t quite on the same page as her, Alice finds herself constantly running into a new doctor from the ED while working her shift at the hospital. The supporting characters only add to the funny moments, and although I’m a slow reader, I read this book in 2 days. Once I started, I had to finish it and couldn’t put it down. I recommend this to anyone who’s a nurse and likes to read, laugh, and is looking for a cute, light hearted story to get lost in.

I liked the way Ms. Ainslie writes and will definitely read more of her books in the future.

 4 stars

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