#BookReview: Losing the Plot in L.A. by Sonia Farnsworth

Reviewer: Emma

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

losing the plot in laSummary:

Sylvie is a trendy, LA party girl with more going on than she knows what to do with. Between apartment hunting, insane friends, a rapidly growing puppy, and one too many boys to juggle, shes just trying to catch her breath. Will the craziness overwhelm her, or will she find a better path to move forward? Draw a bath, pour some bubbly, and join her as she tries not to Lose the Plot.


Sylvie has a serious commitment issue. Whether it is her apartment, her job or her man, she just hates sticking with one avenue for too long. This makes for an interesting and fun read because she is always changing things around and experiencing new things. The plot is very casual, which was a nice change of pace from other books I have read recently. The characters are ones I feel like I’ve actually met, and Sylvie gets into some really funny situations.

Some parts of the book seemed a bit unnecessary since they didn’t add to the story at all. For example, she has a bit of a problem with gas while out with one of her guy friends. Although funny, it seemed odd that the author would include it since nothing ever came of it. Maybe to show the hilarity of Sylvie’s character…

I definitely enjoyed the book – it was a quick, fun read.

3 stars

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