#BookReview: Marriage to Measure by Talli Roland #ChickLit

Reviewer: Samantha

marriage to measureI received a review copy


When Serenity Holland proposes to her long-time boyfriend Jeremy, she’s certain ‘forever’ is a perfect fit. As the wedding train steams forward, though, Serenity starts to wonder if they really are an ideal match. From a crusty old ring to a dilapidated house she’s left to renovate on her own – not to mention the appearance of Jeremy’s clingy ex-fiancée – engagement feels more like disengagement.

Even worse, wedding planning’s like a bad hangover as Serenity juggles the wishes of family and friends with her bossy mother-in-law-to-be, resulting in a Frankenwedding nothing like the simple ceremony she envisioned.

Can Serenity knit her relationship back together and fashion a celebration that suits, or will ‘I do’ become ‘I don’t’?


Talli Roland is a brilliant chick lit writer, and Marriage to Measure is no exception to her portfolio. I love a good wedding-gone-wrong story (cough, I might be writing one myself, cough) and this book was filled to the brim with some head-slapping, teeth gritting, yet laugh out loud moments. I was excited to get back into Serenity’s life, and to watch her finally marry Jeremy. While tension runs high the majority of the book between the two, it’s also evident how much love they have for another. Serenity’s parents made this book hysterical, and the cast of supporting characters gave plenty of interesting sub-plots throughout the chapters. Cute book and one I recommend to you!

4 stars

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