#BookReview: Married by Midnight by Talli Roland #ChickLit

Reviewer: Samantha

married by midnightI received a review copy


Christmas is coming . . . and so is the biggest day of Kate’s life.

While choosing a vintage dress for her Christmas Eve wedding, Kate finds a cryptic note pinned to the inside of a 1930s gown. As doubts about her own ceremony loom, Kate is determined to track down the dress’ owner and determine what became of her – and the marriage.

Will Kate find the answers she’s seeking to propel her down the aisle, or will her discovery prompt her to call off the wedding for good?


I love that the holiday season now means a new Talli Roland novella! If you are new to my blog I will tell you that I love her books, full-length and novella, and I think you should check them out! Married By Midnight is short and sweet, perfect to curl up with on a cold night with a cup of hot chocolate (that may or may not be what I did!) and throw yourself into Kate’s life. Novellas can be fun because we don’t have to mess around with a lot of details and drawn-out sub plot points, we just get right to the story and this was a good one. I love the thought of finding a note from a mystery person, either in my wedding dress or heck, my attic would be cool, and the fact that Kate and especially her mom relied so much on the “stars” was a hoot for me to read. Go get it and get in the holiday spirit!

4 stars

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