#BookReview: Maybe in Another Life By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Reviewer: Allie

I received a review copy

Maybe in Another LifeSummary:

Hannah Martin has spent her twenties wandering the country, in search of the perfect place to live. If it didn’t feel right, she was on to the next city. Approaching her thirtieth birthday, and in the wake of a break-up with a married man, she returns home – to Los Angeles. She’s decided that it’s time to get serious with her life. Her best friend Gabby is putting her up while she figures it out – finding a car, a job, and a place to live. They celebrate her new life by going out to a club, where they run into Hannah’s high school boyfriend, Ethan.

Hannah believes that Ethan is the love of her life, and maybe the time is finally right for them to reconnect. When Gabby’s ready to go, Ethan asks Hannah to stay and offers to drive her home. Hannah wants to make the right choice. She loves Ethan, but she doesn’t want to rush in, either. Should she stay, or should she go? For the remainder of the book, in alternating chapters, we learn what happens if Hannah says yes, and if she says no.


I love the concept of this book and the big question of what controls our destinies – our choices, or fate? Do we have soulmates? Or do we end up with the person who is right for us when we’re ready to settle down?

I have mixed feelings about the fate question – and I can go either way depending on where I am in my own life. I thought the author managed to handle the big questions very well, and I was never confused – by the plot or the “quantum physics” of it all. But I did have trouble connecting to Hannah, who’s supposed to be the heroine. I thought she was too wishy-washy (and expertly illustrated with a discussion about favorite movies). I was better able to relate to Gabby, who presented more like and adult.

The ending was good, because fans of either of Hannah’s lives will be happy. And I have to admit, I can’t stop thinking about the ending. I do have one nagging question. One character’s life ended up in the same place in both worlds, and yet another’s did not. And that’s confusing for me. I think I know why, but I need to talk it through with someone. I can’t write my questions here, because I don’t want to spoil anything. So please read this book, and then email me so we can discuss! This is would be a great book for a group of girlfriends to read and ponder.

4 stars

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