#BookReview: Mercy Snow by Tiffany Baker

Reviewer: Annie

mercy snowI received a review copy

This story is all based around a bus accident, but I would like to say a few things first….

Tiffany Baker is quite an unpredictable story-teller.  “Mercy Snow” had me guessing the whole way through…and, you find that things you did not think needed to be questioned…should have been.  I was so impressed by this story, because you felt like you could not take anything for granted in the story….you really had to pay attention, because Tiffany Baker’s twists and turns were often unsuspected.  I found myself turning back the pages to re-read things.  That made this story extra-juicy for me…and, I loved that!!  I devoured this book!!

“Mercy Snow” takes place in a tiny town called Titan Falls in New Hampshire.  This town is so rich in history, that is was hard to believe it was all told within just 324 pages.  Each page was just that chuck full of information!

There is a paper mill that is the epicenter of the town, and there is a woman’s knitting circle, and all the gossip that comes with it.  You will find yourself reading this book, turning the page, and BOOM, finding out something astonishing…it is quite refreshing to read a book that had a bit of mystery to it….and, well, have fun trying to guess how things end.

I loved the level of intrigue that Mercy Snow and her family brought to the town of Titan Falls.  The Snow family is just too cool.  There is another character named Hazel Bell whom I fell in love with.  June McAllister is another main character in this story, along with her family….yet; I wanted to shake the daylights out of her.  So, I don’t think you will like her either.

There is a bus accident that begins the unraveling of this town and its people.  Certain truths were a long time coming; but, with this accident something was about to give.  Secrets are never as deeply hidden as we wish, money does not always give us the life we wish, and lie’s just end up being found out when the truth is unraveled.  This book, IS THAT UNRAVELING!!!

And, what Tiffany Baker writes is remarkably told.  Put “Mercy Snow” on a weekend read list, and I promise you will not be let down.

 5 stars

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