#BookReview: Mother’s Ruined By Aimee Horton

Reviewer: Allie

I received a review copy

Mother’s RuinedSummary:

Dottie Harris has a knack for stumbling into chaotic situations, gin & tonic in hand!

When Dottie and Henry Harris move to their new house, Dottie’s only desire is to make friends in the neighbourhood. But Dottie, just home from delivering her third child, is struggling to adjust to village life. Recently promoted Henry travels a lot, and the neighbours aren’t very welcoming (although that could be because when Dottie first met them, she had dyed her children green).

So when Dottie accidentally hears her neighbours’ conversations over her baby monitor, she can’t help but use the information in her quest to build new friendships.

Of course, eavesdropping never ends well, and when Dottie discovers that two of her neighbours are having an affair, she’s horrified. Worse still, the locals are convinced she’s the one who’s doing the cheating. It’s up to Dottie to clear her name and expose the real cheat—in her signature haphazard way!


I didn’t realize until I saw some other reviews that this book is part of a series. I would have preferred to have read the books in order, but that being said – you don’t have to read the other books to enjoy this one. Dottie’s a likeable and relatable character, especially if you’re the mother of many children (and I am). The element of the baby-monitor-eaves-dropping is a bit stereotypical (it’s urban legend in all suburbs, although sprinkled with a bit of truth), but the author still manages to make the plot clever and funny. Most moms struggle with making friends when they move into a new neighborhood and that aspect pf the book will resonate with many women.  The book is full of humor and a great study on the intricacies of female friendship.  I really enjoyed getting to know Dottie. A fun ride.

4 Stars

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