#BookReview: New Mercies by Julia Colquitt Allen

Reviewer: Terry

New Mercies Julia Colquitt AllenI received a review copy

New Mercies is a sweet Christian romance about a single mom struggling with life. Dolores moves back to her hometown after her husband leaves her to struggle with her 2 year old son Danny’s diagnosis of Cystic Fibrous. This is where she meets Chris the new minister to her hometown church. Chris befriends Dolores and her son and seems to feel a connection with her that he doesn’t often feel with others. Both spend a lot of time working through pent up emotions and troubles from their pasts and it seems to quietly pull the two together. Eventually they realize the feelings they have for each other and things progress from there. Of course there are more obstacles that they have to work through as a couple. This is a wonderful story of sweet romance, but it is also a great book on how much better life is with growth and forgiveness.

3.5 stars

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