#BookReview: One Day This Will All Make Sense by Katie Jansson Shahin

Reviewer: Michelle

one day this will all make sense I received a review copy

Emma knew life would be tough moving to Los Angeles from Sweden, but she didn’t realize how much it would change her as a person. She had finally landed a job in an IT company that she actually enjoyed doing. Her roomate was proving herself to be a great friend and her boyfriend Nate was trying to take their relationship further. But something going on in her worklife was causing her to be unhappy.

Her supervisor was causing some real trouble. Its tough enough to knock heads with management, but it’s even tougher when he wants you gone. Emma was constantly walking on eggshells and waiting to be terminated at any moment. When things are finally over, Emma is stuck deciding if this is really what she wants to do with her life. Should she pursue HR which is her goal, or make a career out of writing which is her passion?

Ultimately this book was about Emma and her internal struggle as a 20 something woman trying to make it in LA. I liked reading a novel telling a story of someone who worked in one field but decided to pursue writing instead. A lot of people would love this option in life. However, I felt this novel had much more negative than positive, which I couldn’t overlook. I kept waiting for something good to happen and it didn’t seem to until I was 95% through it. It was very much so about her job search, which became repetitive and disheartening too.

3 stars

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