#BookReview: Single Infertile Female by Leah Campbell

Reviewer: Samantha

single infertile femaleI received a copy in exchange for an honest review


“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage.”

That’s how the story goes, right? We all grow up hearing the same fairy tales, and imagining the same futures. But what happens when the future you have always pictured for yourself, is ripped away before you ever even get the chance to pursue it?

Single Infertile Female tells the story of a girl, still young and looking for love, who is hit with a medical diagnosis that threatens to destroy the future she always believed she would have. Faced with a choice between now or never, she has to decide if love and marriage should always have to come first. And if they don’t, can you still keep looking for them, even while actively pursuing that baby in the baby carriage?


I shared a personal story recently on my author blog, about learning my biological father is a sperm donor. After that post, I was contacted by Leah Campbell, who talked with me about her story and offered me some great advice, tips, and just an outlet to connect with someone who understands what I went through upon learning that news. Leah offered me a copy of her book, Single Infertile Female, and I immediately took her up on the offer.

I found Leah’s story to be pretty fascinating, especially the parts about her egg donation, endometrioses and subsequent infertility. My best friend also has endometrioses, and I found I learned a lot and was able to understand on another level some of what she went through. I found the entire story to be very well-written, which sometimes isn’t always the case in a memoir, and it kept my attention throughout. It was easy to feel like I knew Leah personally, even though I was not familiar with her story or blog before she emailed me after my post. The ending did get a little long and a little “OMG why does this keep happening” with Leah and a love interest, but hey, life is life. If you enjoy reading memoirs I highly recommend Single Infertile Female, or if you (or someone you know) might be going through something similar to Leah, pick this up. It was educating, insightful and heartfelt.

4 stars

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