#BookReview: Something in the Heir by Jenny Gardiner

Reviewer: Michelle

something in the heirI received a review copy

Emma Jamison preferred living her quiet life of photographing famous people over anything wild and crazy. When she finds herself photographing Prince Adrian, a gorgeously handsome man, she never thinks a little bit of flirtation will go anywhere. However, she has no idea that Adrian is desperately trying to run away from his royal life and that she is going to be the one to help him.

The two run off to Emma’s beach house and get to know one another. They hit it off really well but Emma refuses to have feelings for him, or so she thinks! She’s been hurt badly by men in the past and there’s no way she’s going to let someone constantly in the tabloids hurt her. There are some funny things that happen at the beach house – Emma’s parents come home and they tell them that Adrian is gay. Caroline ends up hooking up with Adrian’s friend Darcy. The woman that Adrian is supposed to marry ends up showing up unannounced as well.  In the end Emma and Caroline make a trip to Adrian’s royal palace and Emma finally accepts the fact that she DOES like him and the two can finally be together.

I liked this story, but  the first half didn’t do much for me. I think the second half was a bit more upbeat and I liked when more characters were getting involved, such as Serena and Ariana. I feel it is hard to make a book with this type of story line standout because it has been done so many times. A modern day twist though was a nice touch.

3.5 Stars

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