#BookReview: The Commitment Test by Amanda Aksel

Reviewer: Michelle

the committment testI received a review copy

I was thrilled to be able to read the next book in this series!

Marin is not shy about the fact that she wants a wedding…soon. Things are going great with James and he is definitely the one for her. The problem is trying to get him to talk about marriage is turning out to be tougher than she thought.

An old friend brings Marin a book about getting a man to propose in just five steps. Seems crazy, right? It worked for the friend..but will it work for Marin and James?

The two end up buying their perfect dream house together and she thinks a proposal is in the works. But again and again she gets let down. A past flame comes back into her life which makes her question her decisions. When will it be her turn?

As always, Marin sticks to the rules and completes all the steps. Will she get exactly what she wants in the end?

I really love the characters in this series. I’d have to say my favorite is Marin’s friend Telly, a tough lawyer with an appetite for any good looking guy who ends up with a situation that will totally change her life. Marin is very down to earth and extremely funny. James is an overall good guy who had a bad marriage in the past which I personally believe was the only thing keeping him from marrying Marin faster. I could totally relate to this story because my boyfriend of three years still doesn’t like the topic of marriage. It’s nice to see a story that deals with the not always so fun truth of the dating world.

5 stars

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