#BookReview: The Dog Year by Ann Garvin

Reviewer: Terry

the dog yearI received a review copy

The dog years is a story of survival and recovery, surviving loss and the recovery that one strives for after tradegy. Lucy is a brilliant surgeon, her career is devoted to helping woman feel good about their bodies after battling breast cancer with reconstruction surgery as well as compassion.  But while trying to keep her head above water with life and her career, Lucy is secretly falling apart after the loss of her husband and unborn child in a terrible car accident.  Lucy to cope with her grief quietly stockpiles surgical supplies in her home, that is until she gets caught and put on leave with orders to deal with her troubles and her help or lose her job. This is where the story changes, Lucy while fighting each step of the process meets those that are meant to change her life, and it all started with a little dog. Little dog, appropriately named came into Lucy life just when she needed her the most, bringing with many other amazing unique characters that helped Lucy grow and change, but more importantly move past her grief and begin the process of truly living again.

4 stars

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