#BookReview: The Fling Thing by Maggie Le Page

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy

the fling thingSummary:

When it comes to love, Becky Jordan’s had some spectacular disasters, but all those Mr Wrongs haven’t put her off. One day she’ll find Mr Right. She just needs to be more . . . selective.

For example, she’d never get involved with Mickey Madden. He’s cute, and funny, and knows how to warm a girl’s . . . ahem. But he’s a workmate, and all their flirty sex-talk is just talk.

So when that talk whoopsies into something rather more active, Becky’s left confused. Is this as real as it feels, or is Mickey just another disaster in disguise?

Warning: contains one sexy Santa suit, one cheeky Rudolph, and plenty of heat in the middle.


I was just recently introduced to Maggie Le Page’s writing, and when asked to review The Fling Thing, I happily said yes. And it was a wise decision! I read this right after Christmas when I was still determined to hang on to the holiday spirit, and thought it was super cute that it was labeled a Christmas Quickie. I think that helped clue readers in that you should be an older reader for this particular novella, as it does feature several steamy scenes. What I liked most was that even though it was a short read, I still thought the plot was very strong and didn’t leave me feeling hanging at any point. And the ending – ha! Not how I was expecting the resolution, but loved it all the same. Such a quick and cute read!

4 stars

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