#BookReview: The OMG Test by Pippa Franks #ChickLit

Reviewer: Annie

I received a review copy

the omg testSummary:

Like Jane Austen’s Emma, Olivia Daly can’t resist the urge to meddle, but her Bridget Jones touch means things usually go awry.

Shop manager Olivia’s well-intentioned interfering stems from a fear of change. When friends talk of leaving, she quakes in her stilettos (or sensible work shoes). These shoes must stay a step ahead to prevent this from happening.

Commitment is not at the top of Olivia’s ‘To Do List’. However, four friends with learning difficulties, dubbed ‘Olivia’s Misunderstood Gang’ (OMG), think otherwise. They devise a test for potential boyfriend/husband candidates. Olivia approves of the test, with the intention of using it to find ideal – and more importantly, – local matches for best friends Jasmine, Melissa and Sebastian.

When enigmatic shop-fitter Connor gate-crashes her life and heart, Olivia conscientiously puts him through The OMG Test, ‘for anyone who may be interested,’ refusing to admit how she feels.

As the test progresses, Connor passes each aspect with flying colours.Yet he does appear to be hiding something. But unless it’s a wife and kids, does it warrant a fail? After all, there’s no such thing as the perfect man…even women aren’t perfect all the time…


Step aside Bridget Jones; there is a new single lady on the scene in search of her perfect match!  This book is just as witty, with more characters to fall in love with and cheer on!

Olivia Daly is a single woman looking for a good man, and she is going to use a test to do so; called “The OMG Test”, which refers to her group of friends with learning disabilities.  The OMG stands for “Olivia’s Misunderstood Gang”…So, it is a test that they devise together.  From the very beginning of the book, you will know that a man named Connor will be put to this test.  Will he pass or fail?  Is he the man that she is meant to be with?

Is this test an appropriate measure of a man?  That was my main question from the beginning.

Pippa Franks writes with a lot of excitement.  You can see it jumping off of the page!!  Every moment I was reading this story I felt the energy each character had, and her character building was very entertaining.

This story has it all, it is funny, tear-jerking at times and all engrossing.  It is about relationships of all kinds from Friendships to family…to love.  I was rather impressed!  Her banter was much like that of Helen Fielding’s stories, which I adore and can read over and over.

Pippa Franks has a new fan. ME.

4.5 Stars

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  1. June 4, 2015 / 10:50 am

    Thank you so much for the fabulous review of The OMG Test. I’m thrilled, delighted, over the moon…you get the picture! It’s amazing 🙂
    Love Pippa x

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