#BookReview: The Paris Effect by K.S.R. Burns

Reviewer: Christy

I received a review copy

the paris effectSummary:

Nothing is what it seems in this highly praised debut novel about a food-obsessed young woman who sneaks away to Paris without telling anyone. Not even her husband. Once there she’s robbed, stalked, arrested, kidnapped (almost) and–worse–finds that her numerous issues have come right along with her. Grab a croissant and settle in for a decidedly non-touristy trip to the City of Light.

This novel makes for great book club discussions. A sequel is in the works.


“The Paris Effect” is a good book about Amy, a young woman trying to find herself after the loss of her best friend, Kat. Kat recently passed away from cancer, and was the pillar of Amy’s existence. Friends since – well, forever – Kat and Amy have always had a plan to visit Paris together; a plan that no one knew about except the two of them. With Kat’s passing, Amy takes off on an adventure of a lifetime to the other side of the world. 

Once in Paris, nothing seems to go as Amy had planned. The “plan” that she had with Kat had every tiny detail planned – where to go, what to see, even what and where to eat. Obsessed with being skinny, Amy doesn’t have time for buttery croissants and pastries that Paris is known for, but a chance meeting with an older, mature Parisian transplant is the first of several unplanned experiences Amy has while visiting France. 

Lies to her husband (he has no idea Amy has left their home in Phoenix while he’s at work & is now on another continent), past secrets (was Kat merely just Amy’s friend?), new friends (native Parisians who come to her rescue, Margaret – the older lady who wants to save Amy from herself), and multiple issues (who does Amy really love? How does one cope after the loss of her best friend? Eating disorders, grief, self-discovery) makes this an interesting book. 

I really enjoyed seeing a side of Paris that I knew nothing about. I also enjoyed the growth Amy had near the end of the book. The ending was somewhat surprising, and I’m glad to know there’s a sequel in the works. The writing is good, the characters are strong, and the storyline is fast, interesting, funny & sad all at the same time. I’m looking forward to the sequel to see if Amy’s decisions she made were good for her – or if she is still searching for the happiness that she longs for. 

4 stars

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  1. December 28, 2015 / 1:42 am

    I’m reading this book now and loving it! Can’t wait to see how it ends…

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