#BookReview: The Retail Therapist by Colette Kebell

Reviewer: Annie

I received a review copy

the retail therapistSummary:

Window shopping! Don’t you just hate the term?
It is like going into a sweet shop and not being able to buy anything, or not knowing what to buy first. That is exactly my line of business, helping people make the right choice.
I’m one of those fashion consultants that are so popular nowadays amongst the upper crust, although I started ages ago. Choosing the right clothes for the right occasion is not an easy task: the dress has to match your personality and, if it can, enhance it.
This story is about how I abandoned the rat race, spending days in a legal office, and followed my dream of becoming a fashion consultant. I believe I’m something more though, I’m a Retail Therapist and I’m sure you are itching to know the story about how I started and how I helped my clients look fabulous! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, click that “buy” button up there and be prepared to enter the mysterious world of a Berkshire Retail Therapist girl.


This novella is reminiscent of the brilliant works of the author Steena Holmes.  This is a huge compliment, as I have read all of Steena’s books and novella’s and it is such a pleasure to get to know characters on a deeper level.  I can say that without a doubt, Colette Kebell has the same gift.  Her novella, “The Retail Therapist”, which is the prequel to “Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen (Or so Mother Says)”, Colette Kebell, takes us to the birthing of GiGi’s Personal Shopping business.  After finishing I wanted to keep reading about GiGi and Ritchie…believing Colette Kebell has more of this story to tell.

We learn how GiGi and Ritchie end up working together, with their business being ran out of a Shed.  We learn why their hearts are the way they are…and why Gigi really wanted this dream job of a Retail Therapist to work out.  I think it takes a true talent to go back in a story than to move forward, for this I give Colette Kebell 5 Stars.

Between relationships, whether friendship, love interests or clients, there is a lot going on within these few pages.  I highly recommend this, along with her other story.  You will not be disappointed…you may just want to head out for some “Retail Therapy” once this story ends; as you will wish it was not over.  As we await more from Colette Kebell you can find me searching in my closet for a great outfit to wear!!

5 Stars

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