#BookReview: The Silver Cord by Alison Caiola

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy

the silver cordSummary:

While going through heartbreak, we often say: “I would risk everything in life to have him back again.” What happens when one woman is asked to do just that? 
Two years after her mother is killed in a car crash, Lily Lockwood, award-winning actress of stage and screen and single mother to toddler, Daisy Rose, is starring on Broadway and has been nominated for a Tony Award. Her loving and often outrageously funny gal pals are relieved because she appears to have finally found a new “normal.” One night Lily, tipsy after a long night of celebrating, finds herself back in the arms of her cheating ex-boyfriend, Jamie Fleming. He seizes the opportunity to turn what should have been a one-night stand into a second-chance. There is only one thing standing in the way of their happily ever after: Lily is in love with another man.
After her Mother’s accident, Lily had fallen in love with Robbie Rosen, a physician who was scheduled to leave for a medical mission in Africa. Unfortunately, two years have passed since their last night together and Lily is heartbroken that she has not heard from him. But one day, out of the blue, Robbie’s family contacts Lily and informs her that while working in Somalia, Robbie was abducted by Al-Shabaab, a faction of the terrorist group, Al Qaeda. A proof-of-life photo, showing the doctor blindfolded and bloody, with an AK-47 pressed against his temple, is evidence that Robbie is still alive…at least for now. Since our government is slow to help, Robbie’s family implores Lily to use her celebrity to publicize Robbie’s kidnapping.
A retired C.I.A. Operative emerges and influences Lily to join and finance a rescue initiative. He gathers together a group of Ex-Navy SEALs who, with Lily in tow, embark on the mission. When the team uncovers a deadly plot against the United States, they are forced into a heart-stopping race against time while Lily must accept the possibility that they may be too late to save Robbie’s life.


If you read my review of The Seeds of a Daisy, you know how excited I was to read the second book from Alison Caiola. And I was not disappointed. This book was very different from the first one, where it explored the relationship between mother and daughter. In this one, we watch Lily try to move with her life after losing her mother and becoming a mother. She is trying to also move on from Robbie, the man she loves but is on a medical mission in Africa, but she quickly learns he has been kidnapped, and the action really starts. This book got my heart beating fast, as we try to rescue Robbie from terrorists with Lily and the C.I.A. and Navy SEALs. I was not expecting this from book two, but it was really spectacular. I can’t imagine the research that was put into this book, and I give major kudos to Caiola for writing such an adventure book. Highly recommend both reads to you.

5 stars

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