#BookReview: The View From Prince Street by Mary Ellen Taylor

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy

the view from the prince streetSummary:

Rae McDonald was fifteen when a car accident took her sister’s life and threw her own into reckless turmoil. When she got pregnant a year later, she found a loving couple to adopt the child. Since then, she’s buried her grief and guilt under a heart of stone.

Lisa Smyth survived the fateful crash, but never told the truth about what happened. And when a family obligation draws her back to Alexandria, the weight of Lisa’s guilt grows heavier by the day.
As both women confront a past refusing to be forgotten, long-buried artifacts are discovered by the Shire Architectural Salvage Company that point to a shared history between families.  Now, Rae and Lisa must finally ask themselves if denying the past is worth sacrificing the future.


I have also read At the Corner of King Street from the Alexandria series, and was excited to pick back up with it. I will say the beginning had me stumbling just a little, as for some reason I could not keep Rae and Lisa apart. I was actually a couple chapters in before I realized it was a dual POV. I was reading this around Christmas so maybe that played into my scatterbrain-ness, but I would say it was around the halfway point where I could finally really tell the two characters apart. Aside from that, the book really is quite good. Rae and Lisa are connected by a terrible accident, and there are secrets still from that night that are being discovered in the present day. There is a wonderful mystery that is linked with the past which absolutely delighted me, and I loved the history that was shared along the way. It was a true treat to end my 2015 reading year with.

4 stars

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