#BookReview: The Vitamin Solution by Dr. Romy Block & Dr. Arielle Levitan

the vitamin solutionAbout the Book

Are you confused about vitamins? Unsure of which ones you need for optimal health, and what levels are safe? You’re not alone. Many people’s health issues could be improved with vitamins—if they only knew how to use them.

In this award-winning book, The Vitamin Solution, Drs. Romy Block and Arielle Levitan provide a common-sense, medically sound approach to using vitamins to improve your diet, exercise plan, and overall health. In clear, accessible, language, they explain which vitamins and supplements can be helpful, which can be harmful, and which are altogether unnecessary; explore health topics including migraine, hair loss, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, hot flashes, and more; and address preventive care, providing insights on topics such as screening tests, weight loss, and preserving memory. Illuminating and accessible, The Vitamin Solution is an indispensable guide to safely incorporating vitamins and supplements into any lifestyle—one that will leave readers educated, informed, and armed with simple, everyday strategies for bettering their health.


I was really grateful to receive a copy of The Vitamin Solution, in addition to vitamins themselves! Before I started any of the vitamins I read the copy and was so impressed by how easy it was to read and how informative it was. I marked sections for my husband (not a big reader!) to go over himself, and I think this book will be a great reference to keep around the house. I took notes while reading, found myself googling to get further information, and chatting about what I learned with several friends. Really interesting read!

4 stars

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