#BookReview: The Wedding Virus and Other Snippets by Natalie Shell

Reviewer: Annie

I received a review copy

The Wedding Virus and Other Snippets by Natalie ShellSummary:

The Wedding Virus is a term that describes how all things love and marriage seem to spread like a virus across groups of friends and women regardless of location or status. Candid, fun, optimistic—and at times, down right embarrassing— this book offers an insightful look into topics of love, engagement, weddings, sex and other scribbles about women.

Designed to be read in bite-sized pieces, much as you might eat candy—as little or as much as you can stomach— Natalie Shell’s debut collection of short stories and anecdotes is a must-read for anyone who has ever wanted love or caught and survived the wedding virus.


“The Wedding Virus and Other Snippets” is a very engaging book…no pun intended!

This story was like a conversation with a close friend….I simply adored the execution of this book.  It was a very funny, light-hearted read…anytime, anywhere! Natalie Shell’s take on this time in our lives was so spot on ~ each snippet reminded me of someone, if not myself.

I definitely had the “Wedding Virus” well before I even met my husband.  This time in my life has passed, but I enjoyed the reminiscing.   Each reminder from Natalie Shell had me laughing out loud.

It is suggested that we could read this book in “snippets”, but it was so funny…I read it in one sitting.  A definite keeper and great book to share with your girlfriends!

A little background on me, for Natalie Shell, since it seemed she knew me so well…..”My husband proposed to me on Christmas Day with a lovely family heirloom engagement ring, that I cherish…but, Yes! I am guilty of having picked out the ring I wanted to wear on my ring finger (found it when I was single and just 20, and I actually carried all of the information about it in my wallet…just in case, I “accidently” dropped the paper in front of a boyfriend I wanted to propose.  I shared the information on “said” ring with my closest friends.  I had a “Wedding folder”, which I began in High School.  Please keep in mind that I did not get married until I was 38…so, this folder was more like a TRUNK of papers! I am sure will connect with this book, as I did.  I had chosen my music and poems, Oh, and Natalie… MY bridesmaids DID look great in hot pink (maybe it was the shade??? LOL!)  

I highly recommend this for all women to read…if you want to laugh, or need a “Guide” to the emotions that will come up as you plan your wedding.

This book reminded me of my wedding planning, and it was a wonderful time to remember.  I may have my glow back.

And, Natalie Shell reminded me to tell my nieces and nephews to enjoy the “Engagement Glow” as long as they can.  Because as you shared, this is when the “Wedding Virus” will begin shortly after you begin announcing your engagement……

5 Stars

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