#BookReview: The Weekenders By Mary Kay Andrews

Reviewer: Allie

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The Weekenders by Mary Kay AndrewsSummary:

Riley Griggs has spent summers on Belle Isle, located off the coast of North Carolina, her whole life. Her family dates back on the island over hundred years ago – her grandfather was one of the original settlers. Riley usually looks forward to each summer, however this year the season is marked by tragedy and the revelation of some family secrets. Despite the bad events that open the book, this really is a fun read. The Weekenders was written by a talented writer who has a clever way of solving mysteries, with some humor and romance thrown in.

Riley’s marriage is falling apart and her twelve year-old daughter, Maggie, was recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Her brother has a drinking problem and her mother doesn’t know how to mind her own business. And for the first time in her life, Riley Griggs has money problems. Riley discovers that some of the “Belle Isle Barbies” know more about what’s going on with her family’s problems than she does. So she teams up with her best friend, Parrish, to find out the cause of her family’s dwindling fortune. While they’re at it, Riley decides to solve another crime that was committed on the island that I cannot divulge. No spoilers! Of course this wouldn’t be a summer read without romance. Enter sexy ferry captain Nate Milas, who also happens to be a newly minted internet mogul. Suddenly things are looking up for Riley – except that her daughter and mother do not approve.


Full disclosure, I’m a loyal and devoted fan of this author. I’ve loved every novel she’s written – and have met her at few book signings. She’s a hoot! Fan-girl feelings aside, this book is a wonderful and a perfect way to kick-off the beach reading season.

As with most MKA stories, this story has a mystery, romanc, family drama, and a strong dynamic heroine you can truly route for. The setting is beautiful – my imagination was full of Lily Pulitzer prints as I read. The story is full of quirky and well-developed characters. There’s someone for everyone. Billy (Riley’s brother) was one of my faves, bless his heart. The plot moves quickly and has a few surprises. After reading so many of this author’s book, I’m amazed that she’s still able to come up with new twists and turns. Each of her stories is unique, except of course for the happy ending. Although, not happy for all! I suggest you kick off your summer with this Belle Isle adventure.

5 stars

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